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    Baglione’s art is one reason why street art excites and inspires people across the world. His strong distinctive style ans the complex themes visibles in his ilustrations, paintings and street interventions have made him a recognized name within the world of art as well as design internationally.
    Baglione doens’t just paint in the street but also on the street. He is among the few who use pavements , roofs and even lawns as his canvas. As a graffiti writter he is poetic and elegant like a calligrapher and at the same time he resembles the Brazilian so called pixadores (Brazilian term for graffiti writers) from his hometown, São Paulo.
    A similar elegance and distinctive style is seen in his paintings. He use Black and White or darkness and light , which is at times broken into the rainbow colours of a prism.
    The Black and White straight standinge extraterrestrial like figures bend themselves round the curved corner of a pavement or edge themselves in shape with a tiled roof.
    In a large painting an overweight lady floats in a Black indefinable room tangled up by elegant botanical shapes. Through Baglione’s iconic , figurative and at times mystical style these beings are elevated to become something from another world. He mentions chaos , death and individualism as the persistent themes in works such as these.
    The city , especially his hometown São Paulo , is what inspires and frustrates Baglione. It is its being which breather through his work , which always takes its shape from the shape of the city. Baglione describes São Paulo as “the crib of confrontation” and a place where cold individualism prevails , and where the chaos of daily confrontations between people demands a rebirth or a new mask everyday.
    To Baglione the architecture of a city is not just scenere , providing a background for his work. In his eyes , everything around us is a single organism , a living and pulsating body from which elements develop and blend with each other. This is why he describes himself as a tool through which architecture are integrated in Baglione’s work , and his figure underline and expose what is already present.
    Baglione’s art is constantly envolving and changing. He has created numerous works all over the World and has recently exhibition at New Image Art Gallery , Hollywood , Fifty24 , San Francisco , Lazarides , London , Galarie de Pure & Luxembourg , Zurich , Iguapop , Barcelona , Luiz Adelantado , Valencia , and Q! Gallery, Glasgow.

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    galerie acruz sesper

    Born in 1973, lives in São Paulo (Brazil). Began his first artistical works in 1994 using recycled material such as cardboard and wood as surface and painting with oil pastel and latex paints.
    Self-taught, Sesper, was the first contact with music and skating in 1986, passing most of the days of his adolescence building  ramps, making fanzines and recording k-7s compilations. Since 1986 is involved in skateboarding, hardcore bands and fanzines, which influenced his work with adhesives and paste up posters from 1999 on, using references of these subjects. Also found work toward digital graphics bands and brands of skate, made more fanzines including INTRoduct date 1998, a fanzine that documenting the art of a sao paulo scene that blow in the decade following.
    In 2007 launched Sir Sesper Soundsystem, one of the first  serial toyarts made in Brazil. They are all handmade and limited to 100 units each color model.
    Currently devotes his time to a video documentary on the art of skate decks produced in Brazil called REBOARD, As well to participate with their artwork and videos since 2007 in FAMIGLIA BAGLIONE.
    Presently working with collage, dirt and texture in his graphics.
    Finally, Alexandre Cruz is a maniac. It is difficult to say what the specialty of this native of Sao Paulo-SP, as it does 300 things at once, is already a long time, and strives to peak in all of them. It is contradictory, but true. Making an effort to short, we can say that the subject is a musician, composer, visual artist, graphic designer, entrepreneur and father of the family. Full time. That if we look at the life of Alexandre now, because in the past he has made a ton of other notable made, which will for the future archaeologists discover.

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    Amongst large brushes and paint, Felipe Yung cultivates roots, reasons in organic textures in a singular way and brings to paper uniquely shaped images, influenced by his tireless researches on Asian culture. His history begins at the neighborhood of Vila Mariana in São Paulo, and it reaches as far as Moscow. Paintings and spraypaints, which transcend trends and tell the history of Brazilian Graffiti.
    His work permeates various worlds. Flip works through the peaceful coexistence of certain oppositions such as figurative and abstract. In a contemporary gesture
    he conjugates figurative and abstraction, such as his painted trees which when seen up close are no longer the figure of a tree but abstract lines, camouflages.
    It’s also in the key of life and death that the artist works the question of pop in his figure. Solid beings containing high dosage of popism which on their peculiarity
    demonstrate an indescribable frailty, many times having us think that were they to leave the walls which they were painted on, they wouldn’t have much time left
    in life. Nothing more alive and spontaneous than pop and culture, but also nothing more fleeting.
    Since 2006 he’s joined Famiglia Baglione, and has participated of exhibitions and executed work in São Paulo, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, Brighton, London, Madrid,
    Barcelona, Paris, Los Angeles. He has also participated of art fairs in Miami (Art Basel), has represented Brasil in Moscow as a guest of the Brazilian Embassy. He has realized a site-specific and live painting at São Paulo Fashion Week 2010, scenography of the Acoustic, Tour and graphic project of the album “Meu Samba é Assim” by Marcelo D2; has painted a 15 meter mural at Easpak SP, art exhibition and storefront painting of Vila Daslu and painting inside the restaurant from SUSHISAMBA chain, in Las Vegas.

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  • Signature series

    Limited edition

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    BOMBE : cult object
    Modernity and Tradition
    The remarkable encounter of the finesse of 300 years of craftsmanship and one of the most controversial creative tools of the end of the 20th century…
    Born from the fusion of the preferred tool of writers since the birth of graffiti and kaolin, the raw material of porcelain from Limoges whose manufacturers are reputed for the quality of their know-how and productions…
    This creation is the result of the collaboration with the Brazilian collective from Sao Paulo known as « Famiglia » and the reinvented replication of an aerosol.
    BOMBE is an object fashioned in porcelain from Limoges, an original collection piece, unique and finely finished with platinum plated artworks.
    Each piece is numbered and limited to 60 editions. Each is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
    BOMBE is a limited edition artisanal creation fabricated in France.

    BOMBE is now edited by LesCrayonsNoirs – Please follow the link Here